We are

… a team of dedicated professionals!

Our mission

We inspire, guide and share our knowledge and expertise with you, giving the best of ourselves in everything we do. Our mission is to meet all your creative needs, offering you a full range of customized audio solutions.


We achieve our goals by thinking outside the box and putting creativity first, injecting our passion for the craft into every project.


Thanks to our vast experience and know-how in our respective fields, we achieve a high level of quality in our work.


We offer a service that would normally be more difficult for small businesses or self-employed individuals to afford, by cutting back on incidental expenses.


We’re honest, genuine, open and accountable, in all circumstances, through our actions, words, decisions, methods and results.

Get to know us

Caroline Mailhot

President and Artistic Director

Dan Smith

Technical Director

Working with us is about…

Interacting with trustworthy and experienced collaborators who will carry out your project seamlessly.

Living a hyper-productive, personalized and unique audio production experience.

Having peace of mind, knowing that we take care of everything!

Whether you’re an individual artist, a band or musical group, a small, medium or large company, an educational group or a school, our audio solutions are customized and will meet all your creative needs.

Let’s create something amazing together.


Engaged professionals.


State-of-the-art equipment.


Welcoming atmosphere.


Focus on quality.


Fast turnaround times.


Flexible and agile processes.


Unbeatable prices.

The studio

Soundproof recording room

State-of-the-art equipment

Control room

Relaxation area

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